Welcome to the Wisconsin Education Association Council – Wisconsin’s largest organization of educators.

By joining the union, you belong to an organization that supports you in leading teaching. Together, we create teacher-led professional development that builds our skills and increases student learning. Together, we advocate for our rights, working conditions, fair compensation, investments in public education and the respect educators deserve.

As a member, you receive the latest information and news about your profession, tools to support your professional development, legal assistance, and programs/discounts available through WEAC and the National Education Association.

Consider getting involved in our work around Wisconsin’s Educator Effectiveness System, state policy development or public education advocacy. Or, help with political action or community outreach efforts. Your involvement reinforces that our union is a body of trusted educators – the professionals who are standing up for Wisconsin’s students and working to make public education a priority.


Betsy Kippers 
Racine teacher & WEAC President

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