Eau Claire’s Yvonne Novak recognized for involving students in Holocaust research project


A WEAC member’s classroom project to gather information about how the Holocaust was reported locally in the 1940s has caught the attention of local media. Eau Claire South Middle School social studies teacher Yvonne Novak has involved her students in a project sponsored by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. “Americans from all over are doing research and looking at how the Holocaust was reported in everyone’s communities,” Novak told the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram.


NEA applauds MTEA for fighting for Milwaukee public schools and kids


In its latest newsletter, the NEA Center for Organizing applauds members and leaders of the Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association for the work they have done to improve students’ test scores and divert efforts by Republican legislators and private interests to take over schools. “If we don’t resist, we won’t win,” the newsletter states. “Milwaukee has proven, even against all odds, that if you do resist, you can win.”


Black River Falls teacher Brad Markhardt helps launch ‘agtivity’ area for students


WEAC member Brad Markhardt, the Black River Falls High School agriculture teacher and FFA advisor, is getting some kudos from the local media for working with his students to create a unique “agtivity” area to foster agriculture education. The space, according to the Jackson County Chronicle, is an extension of the classroom and used for horticulture, conservation and animal science projects while also incorporating Native American culture.


WEAC member Barb VanDoorn says all school districts should adopt Mental Health First Aid


WEAC member Barb VanDoorn, a guidance counselor in the Lake Holcombe School District and Wisconsin’s Special Services Teacher of the Year, is a big advocate of the Mental Health First Aid program, designed to recognize and support youth who are facing mental health challenges. Barb is featured in this week’s issue of the Department of Public Instruction’s ConnectEd newsletter. She told State Superintendent Tony Evers that for virtually anyone, “in some way, mental health is going to complicate your life,” through personal connections or professional responsibilities.


NEA Today spotlights work of union leader Sequanna Taylor, an ESP and Milwaukee County supervisor


Sequanna Taylor is not only the mother of four, the parent engagement specialist at Golda Meir School, an active union leader in the Milwaukee Educational Assistants’ Association and WEAC, she is also now a Milwaukee County Supervisor! “When that seat became available, I knew I couldn’t just sit around,” she says. “My union prepared and encouraged me to seek higher office, so if the county is going to speak for our students and schools, then I am going to fight from within the system.”


Two Milton Middle School teachers win NEA grant


Two Milton Middle School teachers – Emily Rothering and Susan Jensen – are winners of a $2,000 NEA Foundation Student Achievement Grant. The NEA Foundation’s Board of Directors awarded the grant based on “efforts to develop projects that lead to academic achievement for students.” The project submitted by the two Milton teachers – who are members of WEAC and WEAC Region 6 – was titled “We Do STEM with Legos.”