She stood up for the safety of her students. Her union stood with her.

“I wanted to thank you (my union) so much for all your help last year. I just wanted you to know that my saga ended very happily and it is in part thanks to you all. I will continue to be an excellent educator that looks out for the safety and academic welfare of my students. I love teaching and am now in a district that is making decisions that positively impact kids. Your support and backing gave me the courage to choose a better option for me.”


Voters show strong support for local public schools


Voters throughout the state showed strong support for their local public schools Tuesday by approving several major school referendums. One of the most important was in Rhinelander, where voters approved a $15 million referendum by more than a two-to-one margin, 68% yes to 32% no. Other successful referendums occurred in Jefferson, Marshall, Slinger, Northland Pines, Oostburg, New Glarus, Independence and Bangor.


West Bend teacher who was placed on administrative leave while challenging the district’s testing system is back to work


West Bend social studies teacher Tanya Lohr, who was placed on paid administrative leave after challenging the district’s new testing system, was placed back in her classroom Monday night after her union, her colleagues, parents and community supporters came to her defense. The board announced in front of a packed room that Lohr would be allowed back to work immediately.


Janesville EA: Union’s commitment well-known, appreciated

The Janesville Education Association received overwhelming support to recertify, as the union’s commitment to students and schools is well-known and appreciated among educators. As the voice of teachers in local schools, the association has increased communication with school board members and was successful in securing pay raises for all employees and saving post-retirement health care […]


Beloit EA: Ensuring educators are respected, recognized

With a successful certification margin of 99 percent, the Beloit Education Association has successfully enacted regular “meet and confer” meetings and has provided representation for dozens of its members in administrative meetings. On top of that, all teachers and professional staff are now placed on a salary matrix and members won back two paid holidays. […]