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News From Around the Web – September 29, 2017

The high school grads least likely in America to go to college? Rural ones From – September 28, 1:11 PM Overall, 59 percent of rural high school grads — white and nonwhite, at every income level — go to college the subsequent fall, a lower proportion than the 62 percent of urban and 67 […]


WEAC Legislative Update – September 1

The Joint Finance Committee took up K-12 education this week, passing along party lines a Republican omnibus motion representing a mixed bag for public schools in the state budget. Democrats had proposed a plan that would restore funding for public schools, but it was defeated along party lines. The state is three months behind in approving a budget, and as the majority of schools open next week they’ll be operating under last year’s budget until something is approved – probably mid-September.


Convicted criminal running Milwaukee voucher school: Fox6 Investigators

Fox6 Investigators reported last week that Jeff Montgomery, who has been a vice principal at the publicly funded Hickman Academy private voucher school in Milwaukee since January 2016, was convicted of embezzlement in 2005 and is currently under investigation by the Milwaukee Police Department for allegedly writing bad checks. The Fox6 report continues: “Montgomery has filed for bankruptcy seven times. He owes the state money for unemployment benefits he shouldn’t have received. Court records show he owes $80,000 in child support. That kind of background could bar him from obtaining a teaching license and working in a public school. But a voucher school? No problem.”


Millennials are taking over: What are they like, and what do they want?

“Millennials are not just changing the world of work for the future — they are rapidly becoming the majority in today’s workplace,” according to the Gallup report, How Millennials Want to Work and Live. “School leaders need to better understand these changes and effectively lead teams of all generations in an effort to create great places to work for employees and great places to learn for students.”


The ticking clock of teacher burnout – The Atlantic

Tim Walker, an American teacher based in Finland, writes this column in The Atlantic, comparing teaching conditions in the United States to teaching conditions of other countries, particularly Finland. American teachers reported spending 39 percent more hours, on average, teaching their students than did their international peers, leaving U.S. teachers with far fewer hours for planning and assessment, and reflection.