Quality Educator Interactive (QEI)

QEI phased out

A website designed to help teachers through Wisconsin’s former licensing law is phasing out Friday, August 24. WEAC members who have accounts with Quality Educator Interactive (QEI) should:

  • Download and save any documents, professional development plans, and other data.
  • Print out Semester Certification History for their records. This applies to teachers who used QEI to obtain electronically certified semesters of experience to move from the Provisional to Lifetime educator license tier. Educators who have obtained six semesters of experience at the Provisional level using the QEI’s system should print off the certificate to demonstrate successful completion the required six semesters.
  • If you have a QEI account but have not yet downloaded your assets by August 24, contact communications@weac.org for help.

Through WEAC’s involvement in the creation and partnership in the QEI, over 50,000 educators in Wisconsin, across the country and across the globe have received high-quality professional support since 2005.