WEA Trust

WEA Trust


Created by public school employees for public school employees

The WEA Trust was created more than 35 years ago for public school employees by public school employees. Today, their philosophy remains the same. They only insure Wisconsin public school employees, and members remain the most important thing.

No hassles – just great service

The WEA Trust prides itself on service to members. They have the lowest complaint rate of any group insurer in Wisconsin according to the Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance. No hassles – just great service.

When you call the Trust, you get the Trust

There is no automation at the Trust. Members speak to a “live” person. No selections from a complex menu of options or talking to someone sitting on the other side of the ocean. Members talk to a professional staff person in Wisconsin who can help immediately!

The Trust is not-for-profit!

The Trust operates as a not-for-profit. Money is not going toward dividends for shareholders, lavish executive salaries, or flashy television commercials. Out of every dollar members give the Trust, their goal is to return 93 cents in the form of benefits.

The Board of Trustees – people just like you

The Trust’s Board of Trustees is made up of current or retired public school employees. They receive no monetary compensation for serving on the board. Their goal is to ensure that Wisconsin public school employees have the financial security they deserve.

The fight against health care costs

As health care costs continue to increase at alarming rates, the WEA Trust is always investing in ways to keep costs down and programs competitive. They always work with members to manage their health care dollars wisely.

The Trust’s commitment to you – the members

The WEA Trust was created to serve public school employees in Wisconsin. They take this responsibility very seriously and strive to deliver the best value in the products they offer backed by exceptional customer service. That is the Trust Difference.