Enjoy WEAC’s Flipboard digital magazine for smartphones, tablets and the web

We have created a digital magazine using the increasingly popular free app called Flipboard. With Flipboard, we are able to curate our favorite stories into a beautifully designed magazine that you can easily “flip” through to catch up with the latest news related to education.

You can read the WEAC digital magazine by downloading the Flipboard app on your tablet or smartphone and then opening this link in your browser to open the WEAC magazine:


If you don’t have a tablet or smart phone or you just prefer browsing on the Internet, this link will also work on your computer browser.

In either case, look for a “Subscribe” box displayed on the magazine and click it to have continuous easy access to the WEAC magazine.

If you have not yet experienced Flipboard, we highly recommend it. Once you get hooked, you’ll find a wide expanse of news and information from sources such as NBC News, Time Magazine, and the New York Times, as well as customized magazines on just about any topic of your choice, including education and technology. You can even create your own custom Flipboard magazine that draws from your own selected sources. But as you discover the world of Flipboard, be sure to keep the WEAC magazine a key part of your catalog.

Please take a look at the WEAC Flipboard and let us know what you think by emailing WEAC Editor Bill Hurley at HurleyB@weac.org.

View my Flipboard Magazine.