Here’s to Wisconsin’s ParaPros!

Wisconsin’s public schools work because educators give their all every day. WEAC has launched a new campaign to celebrate the role of one group of those educators – the paraprofessionals – or ParaPros!

Watch for our campaign on YouTube, Facebook and even Pinterest – and when you see it, please share. It’s up to all of us, working together, to celebrate the great work of every public school educator.

“As a single mother, my mom worked four jobs to make ends meet for my siblings and me,” said WEAC President Ron Martin. “When she became a classroom aide and formed a union in her school, she was able to earn a better wage and quit her night job. The union literally gave my mother back to us. I’m proud to honor all Wisconsin public school education support professionals who work hard and often go unrecognized.”

Elevating education support professionals is one of WEAC’s strategic goals, and the campaign is part of that work. It features Glenwood City’s Tammy Erickson, a dedicated ParaPro who works as a team with other education support professionals and teachers to give students the opportunity to learn and succeed. Watch and share the videos today!

Thanks to all our great Education Support Professionals: