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Wisconsin teacher salaries have fallen far behind region, nation

Wisconsin educators are voicing significant concerns about the decline in educator compensation after a national report shows we dropped from 18th in the nation for average teacher salary in 2010-11 to 33rd in 2017-18.

The report, from the annual NEA Estimates and Rankings, also shows that, adjusted for the rate of inflation, educators’ purchasing power is last in the nation when it comes to our compensation keeping up with how much it costs to live a middle class lifestyle.

Wisconsin lags all surrounding states when it comes to average teacher pay, and falls well below the national average teacher salary of $60,462.

WEAC convened a statewide tele-town hall recently to discuss the salary situation and describe our statewide proposal to address educator compensation. The proposal would reset salaries across the state, employing a statewide fix to a problem caused when the state destroyed teachers’ compensation system.

WEAC’s compensation system proposal calls for a starting teacher pay threshold of $50,000. Teachers with a Master’s Degree and either 20 years experience or 20 credits would earn $100,000. Multipliers and additives built into the system would ensure educators would not be paid less than they currently earn. The system would create a clear pathway for newly hired educators and those who have already dedicated much of their lives to the profession, so educators could plan on consistent and predictable household incomes.

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