Election 2018


Early voting has begun!

To find out when early voting begins in your community, contact your municipal clerk.

For phone numbers of all the municipal clerks in Wisconsin, go to weac.org/clerks.

The WEAC Board of Directors has concurred with recommendations of the WEAC Political Action Committee and voted to recommend Tony Evers for Governor, Mandela Barnes for lieutenant governor and Doug La Follette for secretary of state. The General Election is Tuesday, November 6.

In making these recommendations, the Political Action Committee said:

WEAC Recommendation for Governor:

Tony Evers

Dr. Tony Evers met with the WEAC PAC this morning, Wednesday, August 15, and answered the Committee’s questions in his most direct, engaging, and genuine manner. Dr. Evers’ authentic manner will do us proud as we engage the struggle to restore Wisconsin values to the Governor’s office.

Specifically, Dr. Evers will place in statute requirements for teacher voice to be part of all education-related decision and policy-making initiatives.

In addition, Dr. Evers will advance a state budget that restores the State’s commitment to two-thirds public education funding with weighting for poverty. Special education funding will also be increased to 60%, with a trajectory established to reach a 90% funding level.

Dr. Evers spoke forcefully about the need for voucher transparency and seeks to freeze the program as a first step for the eventual phase-out of this unregulated and ineffective program.

Lastly, Dr. Evers answered in a most forthright manner that he strongly supports:

  • Community Schools Initiatives
  • The WTCS system
  • The WRS retirement plan
  • Mental Health Services
  • Increased funding for Educational Support Professionals

WEAC Recommendation for Lieutenant Governor

Mandela Barnes

Mandela Barnes met with the WEAC PAC Wednesday, August 15, and answered the Committee’s questions in a very professional and succinct manner. At the same time, Mr. Barnes came across very sincere and determined in speaking about the four main issues he will address in this historic campaign:

  • Addressing health care costs and needs.
  • Funding and supporting our public schools.
  • Addressing our State’s environment and natural resource treasures by fully staffing the departments that have regulatory authority and, where appropriate, enforce penalties. In addition, Mr. Barnes will seek to expand renewable energy opportunities.
  • Building a truly robust State economy.

Mr. Barnes is a proud graduate of Milwaukee Public Schools and has always supported MTEA goals and initiatives. During Mr. Barnes’s legislative career, Mr. Barnes has earned WEAC support and is most proud of all you do.

WEAC Recommendation for Secretary of State

Doug La Follette

Wisconsin Secretary of State Doug La Follette met with the WEAC PAC Wednesday afternoon, August 15, and answered the questions posed to him in a well informed and thorough manner. In answering the Committee’s questions, Mr. La Follette displayed great knowledge about our State.

Mr. La Follette has extensive knowledge about Wisconsin State government and indicates a belief in needing to partner with the State Treasurer. This partnership is critical in restoring the duties and responsibilities of these offices.

Lastly, Mr.La Follette shares our Wisconsin values and strongly supported public education and all of us during the Act 10

WEAC Board recommends Josh Kaul for Attorney General:

The WEAC Board of Directors, concurring with the WEAC Political Action Committee, is recommending Josh Kaul for Wisconsin Attorney General.

WEAC’s PAC said it recommends Kaul for his keen understanding of the appropriate role of Attorney General, including:

  • Ensuring full access to the ballot box in Wisconsin;
  • Enforcing Wisconsin’s consumer protection and environmental protection laws; and
  • Upholding the constitutional responsibility and authority concerning labor law.

Kaul is an attorney with Wisconsin’s Perkins Coie law firm, focusing on voting-rights and other election-related matters. Kaul holds a bachelor’s degree in history and economics from Yale University and a law degree from Stanford Law School, where he was president of the Stanford Law Review and Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Stanford Journal of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties.

Kaul, who attended public schools while growing up in Oshkosh and Fond du Lac, is the son of the late Peg Lautenschlager. He dismisses arming teachers as a solution to school safety. He also takes a firm stance against weakening environmental laws to advance corporate profits, which endangers Wisconsin’s future.

Sarah Godlewski

WEAC Board recommends Sarah Godlewski for Wisconsin State Treasurer

The WEAC Board of Directors has concurred with the Political Action Committee’s recommendation of Sarah Godlewski for the Wisconsin State Treasurer constitutional office position. These recommendations are based upon the WEAC PAC screening all candidates who agreed to meet with the PAC committee.

The general election is November 6.

In recommending Godlewski, the WEAC PAC said:

Ms. Godlewski has a strong understanding of the important position the State Treasurer has within Wisconsin state government. Ms. Godlewski’s strength in understanding the role of a CFO and auditor when it comes to financial transparency and internal controls is most impressive. Wisconsin is one of the few states that does not use general accounting practices to prevent the occurrence of fraud and fiscal mismanagement within state government.

We believe Ms. Godlewski will be a strong advocate for our public schools when it comes to overseeing the general school fund that supports libraries, technology and energy efficiency in our public schools. In addition, Ms. Godlewski seeks to expand student loan forgiveness, as well as establishing low interest student loan repayment plans.

Find out more at Sarah Godlewski’s website.


This list of WEAC-recommended legislative candidates is published for WEAC members only. You must enter the password WEAC to assert that you are a WEAC member and to see the list. Click HERE for a list of WEAC State Senate and State Assembly recommendations.




Tammy Baldwin

Tammy Baldwin, Democrat

  • Proven partner of education who led efforts for new federal education law
  • Supports bipartisan efforts to increase educational opportunities for all students
  • Advocates for complete approach to education, from early education to career and tech ed


CD 1: Randy Bryce

CD 2: Mark Pocan

  • Opposes unaccountable voucher and charter schools
  • Believes our public schools are the great equalizer in this nation
  • Has a vision and plan for restoring democracy in Wisconsin

CD 3 – Ron Kind

  • 22 years of experience in supporting and advancing public education policy
  • Introduced the College Affordability Action Plan to ensure access to an affordable education
  • Has a vision and plan for restoring democracy in Wisconsin

CD 4 – Gwen Moore

  • Strong track record as an advocate for public education
  • Understands the positive effects of dedicated educators, early childhood and adequate funding
  • Opposes privately run charter schools because they lack accountability to families and taxpayers

CD 5 – Tom Palzewicz

CD 6 – Dan Kohl

  • Believes public service makes a huge difference in people’s lives and a champion of labor
  • Will fight for high-quality education and accessible, affordable health care for everyone
  • A champion of environmental stewardship and regional economic growth

CD 7 – Margaret Engebretson

CD 8 – Beau Liegeois

Election Kickoff Rally Slideshow:

WEAC leaders and members kicked off the 2018 Election Season with a rally Saturday, September 15, in support of Tony Evers for Governor, Mandela Barnes for Lieutenant Governor, Josh Kaul for Attorney General, Sarah Godlewski for State Treasurer, Doug La Follette for Secretary of State, Tammy Baldwin for U.S. Senate, and more. “We – and I – have been waiting for this day for a long, long time,” Evers said. “We’re going to take back control of our schools.”

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