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Wisconsin heads to the polls on Tuesday, April 7, for the 2020 Spring Elections. On top of the ticket are races for Wisconsin Supreme Court and the Presidential Preference Primary. There are Court of Appeals Judge races in Districts 1, 2 and 4, and Circuit Court Judge in several counties. Important local referendums and local city, county, and municipal seats are up for a vote. WEAC members can find our union’s recommendations here.

WEAC recommends Karofsky for Supreme Court
In the statewide primary election February 18, 2020 for Supreme Court Justice, Judge Jill Karofsky and Justice Daniel Kelly advanced. WEAC is recommending Judge Jill Karofsky in the April 7, 2020 general election. In issuing its recommendation, the Board concurred that Judge Karofsky is strong and determined, believing in the rule of law and that judges should not decide cases without first hearing the evidence. Judge Karofsky is running a campaign of integrity based upon her judicial experience and values, and is recommended by the educator-members of WEAC. Judge Karofsky’s Website

WEAC recommends Neubauer for District II Court of Appeals
WEAC recommends Judge Lisa Neubauer for District II Court of Appeals. WEAC members recommend Judge Neubauer based on her extensive judicial experience, strong work ethic and stance that there is no place for ideology in issuing decisions.