State Superintendent Tony Evers meets with WEAC members and guests at the 2017 WEAC Professional Issues Conference

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The WEAC Board of Directors is recommending Tony Evers for State Superintendent.

The recommendation of Dr. Evers comes after candidate interviews, advancement by the WEAC Political Action Committee and member feedback.

In making its recommendation, the Board considered Dr. Evers’ strong Wisconsin Public Schools record. Under his leadership of the Department of Public Instruction, Dr. Evers has introduced solid solutions for school funding, promoted public schools for their role in providing opportunities to all children, and opened a larger role for educators and parents in state education decisions.

“Dr. Evers is a champion of public education and every Wisconsin student,” said Ron Martin, an eighth grade teacher and WEAC President. “He respects the roles of teachers and education support professionals in every decision that impacts students, and will continue to work tirelessly to restore public schools so they can provide opportunities to all students, no matter where in the state they live.”


This is an 11.0101(10)(b)(1) communication with WEAC members.

Election News:

  • April 4 ballot includes 65 school referendums

    blackboard where you can vote yes or noWisconsin school districts, many of which are facing ongoing funding challenges, will continue the trend of turning to local voters on April 4 to help finance infrastructure as well as basic education resources. Voters will find 65 school referendums on Tuesday’s ballots, and that’s on top of 122 referendums that were approved last year. Read ...
  • Evers says Act 10 ‘turned off a generation of people who want to become teachers’

    Evers_120pxThe 2011 state law known as Act 10 that stripped educators of their collective bargaining rights and reduced their voice in the classroom has “turned off a generation of people who want to become teachers,” State Superintendent Tony Evers said Monday at a pre-election forum. Evers said the law “made a hell of a big ...
  • Evers says wide margin of victory in primary reflects state’s commitment to public schools

    State_Superintendent_Election_Evers_Holtz_120pxIncumbent Tony Evers, who garnered nearly 70 percent of the vote in a three-way primary race for State Superintendent Tuesday, said his large margin of victory reflects the commitment of Wisconsin residents to quality public education. “And more importantly, I really tried in this election, thus far and I’m going to continue, to focus on ...
  • Evers says teachers should have greater voice in school decisions

    Evers_CandidState Superintendent Tony Evers says he wants to reinvigorate the teaching profession by providing teachers with a greater voice in decision making processes. “The issue of teachers is important, and a lot of it has to do with the way we treated the profession and portrayed the profession,” Evers said last week in a meeting ...
  • One Wisconsin Now files ethics complaint against two state superintendent challengers

    State_Superintendent_Election_2017Advocacy group One Wisconsin Now has filed a complaint with the Wisconsin Ethics Commission alleging that the two challengers to State Superintendent Tony Evers may have violated the law when discussing a potential deal intended to get one of them to drop out of the race in exchange for promises of a high-paying state government ...
  • In new videos, Evers highlights the power of arts in education

    Arts_Music_Evers_120pxState Superintendent Tony Evers promotes the importance of arts education for local communities in a new one-minute video message. Intermingled with his own words are excerpts from four video profiles, featuring students for whom arts education has made a tremendous impact. Read More...
  • State superintendent challengers reportedly discussed high-paying taxpayer-funded job in exchange for one of them dropping out of the race

    State_Superintendent_Election_2017Two conservative candidates seeking to be the State Superintendent of Public Instruction have reportedly discussed offers for one of them to drop out the race in exchange for a high-paying taxpayer-financed job after the election, according to a report Wednesday in the Wisconsin State Journal. Read More...
  • Humphries calls for State Education Board and private takeover of targeted schools

    State_Superintendent_Election_2017State Superintendent candidate John Humphries said he wants to create a State Education Board to oversee the State Superintendent and that he “wants schools that persistently do not meet state standards to be converted into private voucher or charter schools, or a new model of public school or some other governance model.” But State Superintendent ...