Stop the Expansion of Vouchers and Private Charter Schools!

the red rectangle buttonThe Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association put together this simple yet powerful animated video illustrating the impact of the private voucher school system on Milwaukee Public Schools and the children who attend MPS.

The voucher program in Wisconsin has hurt public education throughout the state, especially in Milwaukee. The voucher system turns our children into instruments of profit. Voucher schools promised a better education, but they have failed to deliver. Instead, the voucher system has deliberately drained our public schools of the resources needed to serve all children.

WEAC Research Briefs:

Recent articles about private school vouchers and charters:

  • Legislative Update – June 15

    The Joint Finance Committee unanimously nixed the governor’s plan to move state workers to self-insurance, after halting meetings for over a week, saying it was risky and they can find other ways to insure schools. “I’m happy we were able to do that without sticking it to state employees,” Rep. Gordon Hintz, D-Oshkosh, told Madison ...
  • Legislative Update – June 12

    With the budget-writing Joint Finance Committee holding off meetings last week and committing to none in the future, the division between Assembly and Senate Republicans around, among other topics, education is front-and-center. The Assembly is still pushing its own education budget that differs significantly from the governor’s, while leading senators say lawmakers should work off ...
  • Legislative Update – June 6

    The Legislative Fiscal Bureau has released details about the Assembly Republicans’ proposed education budget, which they introduced separately from the governor’s proposal to be considered by the Joint Finance Committee. In reaction to the Assembly budget, Senate leaders said they supported the JFC taking up the governor’s proposal as a starting point, or perhaps writing ...
  • Trump-DeVos cuts will ‘really hurt our public schools,’ Monona Grove teacher says

    The cuts proposed by President Donald Trump and U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos “are going to really hurt our public schools,” Monona Grove teacher Kelly Sullivan says. “There are a lot of people who are getting into this education privatization movement that are very dangerous because they are all about making profit off of students ...
  • Citizens overwhelmingly want their legislators to support public education

    A recent Marquette University Law School poll showed a whopping 80 percent of Wisconsinites believe we should invest more money in public education. So as legislators address the education portion of the state budget in the coming weeks, it’s important to focus on what educators, parents and communities have repeatedly said they want: More funding ...

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