Stop the Expansion of Vouchers and Private Charter Schools!

the red rectangle buttonThe Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association put together this simple yet powerful animated video illustrating the impact of the private voucher school system on Milwaukee Public Schools and the children who attend MPS.

The voucher program in Wisconsin has hurt public education throughout the state, especially in Milwaukee. The voucher system turns our children into instruments of profit. Voucher schools promised a better education, but they have failed to deliver. Instead, the voucher system has deliberately drained our public schools of the resources needed to serve all children.

WEAC Research Briefs:

Recent articles about private school vouchers and charters:

  • ‘Voucher expansion not based on evidence,’ research brief concludes

    Voucher_Schools_Balloon_120pxA new WEAC Research Brief concludes that there is little evidence to substantiate the expansion of private voucher schools on the grounds that they are intended to help student achievement: “Research in Wisconsin and other states consistently shows little to no voucher school advantage, and in fact often documents significant ill-effects on students including: school ...
  • Voucher programs don’t improve education and have significant downsides, new study concludes

    No_To_Vouchers_NEA_120pxVoucher programs that promote private schooling have not delivered on promised improvements in educational outcomes, according to a new report from the Economic Policy Institute. Rather, they tend to divert effort away from investments in public education that have been shown to improve educational attainments. Read More...
  • Evers says Act 10 ‘turned off a generation of people who want to become teachers’

    Evers_120pxThe 2011 state law known as Act 10 that stripped educators of their collective bargaining rights and reduced their voice in the classroom has “turned off a generation of people who want to become teachers,” State Superintendent Tony Evers said Monday at a pre-election forum. Evers said the law “made a hell of a big ...
  • Legislative Update – February 13

    State_Budget_No_Text_120pxGovernor Walker has released details of his 2017-19 state budget proposal. Some key provisions include: Withholds state aid to local school districts that don’t comply with Act 10 collective bargaining requirements, including having employees pay 12 percent of health insurance costs. Eliminates the Educational Approval Board, which regulates for-profit higher education institutions. Creates permanent teaching ...
  • Public outcry denies Betsy DeVos mandate despite Senate approval of her nomination

    us_capitol_120px“We are going to watch what Betsy DeVos does. And we are going to hold her accountable for the actions and decisions she makes on behalf of the more than 50 million students in our nation’s public schools,” said NEA President Lily Eskelsen García. “America is speaking out. Betsy DeVos needs to listen. The hundreds ...

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