Stop the Expansion of Vouchers and Private Charter Schools!

the red rectangle buttonThe Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association put together this simple yet powerful animated video illustrating the impact of the private voucher school system on Milwaukee Public Schools and the children who attend MPS.

The voucher program in Wisconsin has hurt public education throughout the state, especially in Milwaukee. The voucher system turns our children into instruments of profit. Voucher schools promised a better education, but they have failed to deliver. Instead, the voucher system has deliberately drained our public schools of the resources needed to serve all children.

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Recent articles about private school vouchers and charters:

  • Examination finds ‘significant concerns’ over Education Savings Accounts

    A new policy brief published by the National Education Policy Center (NEPC) examines the emergence of ESA policies and makes recommendations for policy makers who are considering adopting or expanding these programs. The policy brief, The State of Education Savings Account Programs in the United States, found significant concerns with ESA programs and a stunning lack of research ...
  • WEAC Legislative Update – January 22

    An Assembly voucher expansion bill, this time for “gifted and talented” students, is up for a public hearing Thursday, while the Senate version was introduced late last week and referred to its Education Committee. The Assembly and Senate will be in session this week, and the governor’s State of the State address is Wednesday afternoon. ...
  • At request of Janesville Education Association, school board votes to support Voucher Transparency Bill

    At the request of the Janesville Education Association, the Janesville School Board this week voted, 9-0, to support the Wisconsin Taxpayer Voucher Transparency Bill. The bill would require school districts to inform local taxpayers of how much the private school voucher program is costing them. The resolution notes that, statewide, property taxes increased by over $25 ...
  • Facebook founder’s attempts at school ‘reform’ fail

    School “reforms” in New Jersey, funded by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, failed at providing meaningful change for students, a new review shows. Reports stating that the so-called “reforms” helped students were called into question by academic reviewers, who cautioned against the New Jersey experiment being replicated anywhere else. Specifically, claims of success were based on ...
  • The extremist and ultraconservative views taught at some taxpayer-funded voucher schools

    The Huffington Post examines what some evangelical Christian schools – some largely funded with taxpayer money through vouchers – are teaching. It starts with an interview with a former student who attended multiple evangelical Christian schools where she was taught that to dance was to sin, that gay people were child molesters and that mental illness ...

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