Stop the Expansion of Vouchers and Private Charter Schools!

the red rectangle buttonThe Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association put together this simple yet powerful animated video illustrating the impact of the private voucher school system on Milwaukee Public Schools and the children who attend MPS.

The voucher program in Wisconsin has hurt public education throughout the state, especially in Milwaukee. The voucher system turns our children into instruments of profit. Voucher schools promised a better education, but they have failed to deliver. Instead, the voucher system has deliberately drained our public schools of the resources needed to serve all children.

WEAC Research Briefs:

Recent articles about private school vouchers and charters:

  • Private school voucher programs costing Wisconsin taxpayers $245 million this year

    vouchers_245_million_120pxThe costs for Wisconsin’s private school voucher programs – which have expanded statewide and to include special needs vouchers – continues to grow. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the programs cost taxpayers $245 million this school year, up about $15 million from last year. “After 25 years of study there’s no proof that voucher ...
  • Education Savings Accounts being considered by Legislature are another ‘back-door scheme’ to rob money from public schools, Martin says

    StealMoneyFromPublicSchools_120pxSo-called Education Savings Accounts, reportedly under consideration by Republican legislators, are just another “back-door scheme” to take money away from neighborhood public schools, WEAC President Ron Martin said Thursday. “Education savings accounts literally take money out of our neighborhood public schools and hand it over to subsidize private tuition, with zero accountability,” Martin said. Read ...
  • Takeover Commissioner Means’ resignation a victory for Milwaukee students and community, MTEA says

    StopMPSTakeover_120px“We hope that Means’ resignation leads to swift and serious action among state legislators to fully support the students of MPS with adequate funding to provide our students with the resources they deserve, including certified educators, lower class sizes for more one-on-one support, inviting classrooms and well rounded curriculum,” said Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association (MTEA) ...
  • Bewley: GOP shortchanges 854,000 students to benefit voucher operators

    Bewley“State support for public education is our responsibility,” said State Rep. Janet Bewley. “My Republican colleagues have made the choice to shortchange public school students while lavishing huge increases on voucher operators and that is simply wrong.” Read More...
  • Community Schools movement grows in Milwaukee

    CommunitySchoolsCartoonImage_120pxMilwaukee Public Schools’ Browning Elementary School and Lincoln Avenue Elementary School are scheduled to join MPS and the United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County’s Milwaukee Community Schools Partnership, the two organizations announced this week. The Community Schools model has been implemented across the country, showing that authentic engagement and shared leadership, combined with ...

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