Stop the Expansion of Vouchers and Private Charter Schools!

the red rectangle buttonThe Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association put together this simple yet powerful animated video illustrating the impact of the private voucher school system on Milwaukee Public Schools and the children who attend MPS.

The voucher program in Wisconsin has hurt public education throughout the state, especially in Milwaukee. The voucher system turns our children into instruments of profit. Voucher schools promised a better education, but they have failed to deliver. Instead, the voucher system has deliberately drained our public schools of the resources needed to serve all children.

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Recent articles about private school vouchers and charters:

  • Virtual, blended schools continue to grow despite poor performance

    VirtualSchool_150pxAlthough the number of parents and students choosing virtual and blended schools in the United States is rising, new evidence suggests these schools lag significantly behind traditional brick-and-mortar schools, a brief released Wednesday finds. “Policymakers should hit the brakes on the rapid expansion of online schools until accountability measures are in place that ensure they’re ...
  • Charter School Begins Shutting Down—Students are Pushed Out | Shepherd Express

    CharterSchoolsDrain_120px“Milwaukeeans were shocked to find out that the troubled North Point Lighthouse Charter School gave parents just a few days’ notice in February that it would shut down three grades before closing down entirely at the end of the school year.But as the Shepherd can report exclusively, the school, chartered by the City of Milwaukee, ...
  • Milwaukee school vouchers and a decrease in crime are not correlated, expert stresses

    NEPC_100pxThe suggestion that tax-subsidized private school vouchers in Milwaukee reduce criminal behavior is discounted in a review of a recent University of Arkansas paper. The paper making the claim, from the university’s “Department for Education Reform,” has several weaknesses, experts found. Read & Share the Review The paper, The School Choice Voucher: A “Get Out of Jail” ...
  • How did public K-12 schools and higher education fare in the recent legislative session?

    Capitol_120pxThe Wisconsin Council on Children and Families compiled summaries of how public education and higher education fared in the recently completed legislative session. While voucher school funding and class size measures did pass, some bills that would have hurt public schools – including restrictions on school referendums – died at the end of the session. ...
  • Education writer lauds successes of Community School concept at Auer Avenue School

    AuerAvenueSchool_120pxIn a column in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, education reporter Alan J. Borsuk this weekend highlights the impressive progress being made at Milwaukee’s Auer Elementary School, a high-poverty inner city public school that has successfully implemented the Community School concept. Despite its challenges, he said, the school has an “energized, focused, positive, committed” school culture. ...

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