WEAC members represent Wisconsin well at the NEA National Leadership Summit


WEAC was well represented at the 2017 NEA Leadership Summit! Members from all corners of the state had the opportunity to participate in NEA’s premier leadership opportunity in late February in Orlando. The theme for the 2017 Leadership Summit was “Unite, Inspire, Lead: Our Students, Our Union, Our Future.”

“It was really exciting and encouraging to see so many of our members be able to experience this great opportunity provided by WEAC and NEA,” said WEAC President Ron Martin, who was among those attending. “This is how we make our union stronger so that we can continue to be defenders of public education.”

Martin said the goals of the Leadership Summit were well aligned with WEAC’s goals.

“We are committed to working with all of our members no matter where they fit on the pipeline into and through teaching,” he said. “We had an Aspiring Educator of Wisconsin attend as well as several participants under the age of 35 and of course veterans educators like myself attending too! And we strongly emphasized our work in supporting and promoting the work of our Education Support Professionals.”

Martin said the summit was “a great chance for us to learn leadership skills and to take skills we had learned in our past experiences and polish them up!”