Evers vows to restore respect to the education profession in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Superintendent Tony Evers told educators from throughout the state Saturday that, as governor, he will not only provide Wisconsin public schools with the resources they need but he will make sure educators play a key role in determining education policy.

“If I do anything in addition to providing more resources for our schools, we must ensure that we return the teachers’ voice at the forefront of the decisions in the state of Wisconsin,” Evers said in an address and rally at the WEAC Professional Issues Conference in Green Bay.

Evers said he supports the teaching profession because good education starts with good educators.

“We need to have the best and brightest in front of our kids every single day,” he said. “I know we do now but we have to double down. We have to make sure our state supports public education, and I’m going to do that as governor.”

“Our future is what each of you is here for.”

While Governor Walker has cut public school funding and “made public school educators the enemy,” Evers said he would do the opposite.

“I am going spend every moment as governor of the state of Wisconsin to reverse those issues.”

He said he is going to increase public school funding in Wisconsin by $1.4 million, including significant increases for after-school programming and programs for students with disabilities and students with mental health issues.

“We cannot separate the mental health of our students and their academic success. They are one and the same.”

Evers closed by directly addressing the many education students studying to be teachers who are attending the conference.

“I am so honored to be here today, especially with those of you who are just entering the teaching profession,” he said. “You are not making a mistake. You are doing the right thing. And the people of Wisconsin are counting on you.

“When I go to the campuses and talk to young people about becoming teachers there is always some reticence because of all the rancor in the past, people fighting with each other, the controversy. Those days are over, those days are over,” Evers emphasized. “You will have a governor in the state of Wisconsin that values the profession, that values the young people coming into the profession because the future of the state depends on how well we do for our kids.”

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