Former educators praise Tony Evers’ leadership qualities

Channel 8 in La Crosse interviewed three former educators who had nothing but praise for the leadership qualities that Governor-Elect Tony Evers displayed when he was a principal and the local school district superintendent in Tomah.

“He always wanted to learn more, do more, make life better for others. He was always very encouraging,” said retired fourth-grade teacher Barb Rowan.

Sandy Murray, another retired teacher, said: “I very much enjoyed him as a principal. I always liked the fact that he was open. He’d listen to you, he was fair, he was friendly. I was a young teacher, I was a new teacher and he helped me become who I am.”

And Paul Wolf, a former agriculture teacher at Tomah High School, says Evers wanted to find a solution to every problem.

“I knew the type of person he was at Tomah, and those things don’t change. He will govern in a collaborative way, and he will try to seek out the best answers. He will work across the aisle, partly because he has to, but because he would have no matter what,” Wolf said.

Watch the Channel 8 video:

A look into Tony Evers’ past

Tony Evers will be sworn in as Wisconsin’s new governor in January.