Tony Evers sworn in as Wisconsin’s 46th governor

Former State Superintendent Tony Evers was sworn in Monday as Wisconsin’s 46th governor, and he immediately called for fully funding schools at every level.

In his inauguration address, Governor Evers said, “We need to fully fund our public schools at every level, so that every kid in our state has access to a quality education—no matter what the zip code—from all-day pre-k to our university and technical college systems.”

He also reiterated his campaign pledges to make sure health care is affordable and accessible to everyone and to develop “sustainable solutions to our transportation crisis.”

He called on the state – and all politicians – to overcome their differences and work for positive solutions.

“Today is bigger than these issues that we all care about,” he said. “We cannot fix these problems unless people come before politics. We’ve become paralyzed by polarity and we’ve become content with division. We’ve been indifferent to resentment and governing by retribution.

“We’ve gotten away from who we are and the values that make Wisconsin great—not Republican or Democratic values, but our Wisconsin values of kindness and respect, empathy and compassion, and integrity and civility.

“This is bigger than me; this is about the people of Wisconsin. It’s about setting aside political interests and personal ambitions to work together on solving problems. It’s about putting people first.”

Evers concluded: “I have never been more hopeful about our state and our kids’ future as I stand here today. We must dare greatly to go forward in the face of adversity and uncertainty. We must dare to make space for hope here once again. And today, we turn toward the future and we move forward, together.”

Also sworn in on Monday were four Democratics elected in November to statewide offices: Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes, Attorney General Josh Kaul, State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski and Secretary of State Doug La Follette.

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