What’s next after weather-related school closings?

It was a week of wild weather across Wisconsin, and now you might be wondering what’s next. With some schools facing up to five weather closings in less than two weeks, are there state regulations on how to make up time? WEAC asked the question, and here’s the answer:

“The DPI does not anticipate approving waivers for hours and minutes due to this week’s weather. Districts do have local flexibility to determine the means by which they meet the hours and minutes standards.”

State education officials report that the Wisconsin State Superintendent does not have the authority to required waive hours of instruction statewide, nor does the Wisconsin governor possess that ability – unlike the governor in Minnesota who gave a blanket waiver to all school districts. However, school boards may request a waiver from the Department of Public Instruction after a public hearing is held in the district. The DPI says it isn’t planning to waive the hours and minutes requirement through this process, however. When the state used to measure by the 180-day rule, waivers had been issued.

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