Samantha Kable of New London a WEAC-Badger winner

Samantha Kable, a New London High School math and computer science teacher, is the latest WEAC-Badger Red for Public Ed winner. She received free tickets to a Badger Men’s Basketball game in Madison.

Annette Krueger nominated Samantha, saying, “This math and computer coding teacher works tirelessly to bring a great education to her students. She makes math learning fun, something that I think is very hard to do. Trust me, I had awful ones when I went to school. She pays for many things out of her own pocket, and even works in summer to get kids motivated to get into computer coding by creating fun and interesting applications.”

Kable, who is in her 20th year in the New London School District and in her teaching career, said, “The reason I teach is because every day I make a difference. I am passionate about my content and sharing my love of learning. I also love showing students that lifelong learning is important as I continue my education in computer science as well. I belong to my local education association because it promotes the importance of teaching as a valuable occupation in our community.”