Let’s Talk: ‘Giving Thanks’

By Gail Kablau

It’s that time of year again. People are enjoying their long Thanksgiving holiday weekend. We are enjoying time with family, eating all of the traditional family food, and watching football or our favorite holiday movies, playing board games, or just catching up. In the midst of all that, I hope you are taking the time to give thanks.

As a Union member, I don’t just give thanks at holiday time, although I am thankful for the holiday time off (thanks to Union workers who fought for those rights). Paid holidays, vacation, and personal days,… all thanks to the Union. Every time I go to the doctor and use my health insurance, I am thankful that my Union was able to affect the decision making in our health care policies. There have been many days over the last 10 years that I needed to take off to take care of elderly parents or other family members on long-term leave, and the sick days I have accrued, thanks to my Union, gave me paid time off to do so.

This last month, during our annual recertification event, I was extremely thankful that 99 percent of the members in my local voted to recertify, so we can continue to work with our District on important matters, and to bargain wages. 

While there are still some who continue to try and undermine Union activity, knowing that my colleagues support our efforts is important. If we are diligent in our efforts to continue to educate our administrators, our communities, and our legislators about the need to work together to do what is best for all kids, I believe we can still affect great change. I am thankful for the opportunity to continue that conversation.

What are you thankful for?  Let’s Talk!

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