This week’s WEAC-Badgers Outstanding Educator is Madison teacher Shawn Weber McMahon

Shawn Weber McMahon has won this week’s WEAC-Badgers outstanding educator. Shawn has been a Music Teacher for 25 years, during that time she has worked with all different age groups. Over the last 18 years, Shawn has been teaching general music at the elementary level. This year, though, Shawn has moved into the role of High School Choir Director at James Madison Memorial High School in Madison. Shawn is a proud member of Madison Teachers Inc. (MTI) and has been throughout her tenure.

Shawn has a strong passion for teaching, and she feels that music education plays a special role in a student’s life and education. Shawn states that: “[as a Music teacher,] I am able to develop and encourage the most creative part of a child every day. It’s why I love teaching.”

Congratulate Shawn as she is this week’s WEAC-Badgers Outstanding Educator. Shawn wins tickets to the December 7 Badgers Men’s Basketball game versus the Indiana Hoosiers at the Kohl Center.

Another recent WEAC-Badgers Outstanding Educator was Reedsburg Education Association member Corinne Fish, who attended the UW men’s basketball game against UW-Green Bay at the Kohl Center.

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