Educators’ pick for Supreme Court Justice wins

In the most challenging of circumstances, Wisconsin voters elected Judge Jill Karofsky, the WEAC-recommended candidate for Supreme Court in the Spring General Election.

“Karofsky is hands-down the most qualified person for the job,” WEAC President Ron “Duff” Martin said. “She is a competitive athlete with a true regard for the rule of law.

“Judge Karofsky will restore the rule of law to an unbalanced Court,” Martin said. “Wisconsin educators turned out for a tough, fair and independent judiciary. Thanks to all the WEAC members who made their voices heard as we struggled to adjust to an entirely new landscape.”

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Karofsky, a Dane County Circuit Court judge, won the 10-year term on the Court, beating Republican-backed Judge Daniel Kelly, who was appointed by former Republican Gov. Scott Walker in 2016. Karofsky’s victory over Justice Kelly is an important step in the path to restore balance through the rule of law to the state’s highest court.

“Although we were successful in this race, the circumstances under which this election was conducted were simply unacceptable and raised serious concerns for the future of our democracy,” Karofsky wrote. “Nobody in this state or country should have been forced to choose between their safety and participating in an election.”

Biden wins Democratic Presidential Primary
In the national Democratic presidential primary, Joe Biden, the National Education Association recommended candidate, won with about 64 percent of the vote. Kelly was endorsed by President Donald Trump.

Neubauer wins District II Court of Appeals
WEAC-recommended candidate Judge Lisa Neubauer won in the District II Court of Appeals race. WEAC members recommended Judge Neubauer based on her extensive judicial experience, strong work ethic and stance that there is no place for ideology in issuing decisions.

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