Golden Apple Friend of Education Award

Golden Apple Friend of Education Award


The Friends of Education Award is to be presented to an individual or group who has made a significant contribution to public education and/or the education profession in your community. WEAC members are not eligible to receive this award (Golden Apple Member Awards are available for WEAC members). Submit a synopsis of past and present activities and involvement which merit the Friend of Education Award. Include specific and concrete evidence of such activities. Selection of the Friend of Education recipient will be contingent upon the information supplied with this form.

Program Guide:

  • Choose a Friend of Education program manager. This person will need to gather nomination forms, answer questions about the program, choose honorees with a committee, send the press release to the local newspaper and association communications, and contact the honoree to obtain a photo and to present the Friend of Education Award.
  • Introduce the program to your local organization. Email to obtain a professional Friend of Education logo specific to your local association.
      • Determine criteria for the award:

        • Suggested criteria includes:

          • The award will be given to a group or individual who has made a significant contribution to education and/or the education profession in your community.

          • The activity or action being recognized must be completed or ongoing.

          • The impact of the activity, actions or contribution should be viewed as long term, enhancing, complementary to the goals of public
            education and/or the education profession, and easily recognizable.

          • The individual or organization recognized should not be a member, contributor or advocate for other causes which are recognized as being in
            conflict with local/regional association policies.

        • Suggested eligible recipients include:

          • Governmental Figures (state officials, legislators, mayors, school officials)

          • Private Citizens (parents/family, coaches, youth leaders)

          • Businesses

          • Civic, community and youth organizations

      • Decide how often you want to honor friends of education from your community (monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, annually) and when you will cut off nominations for each award.

      • Advertise the program (local website, posters, word of mouth).

      • Start accepting nominations until your established date. Those eligible to submit nominations must hold a current membership.

      • Bring the nominations to a committee (local members and leaders) to choose an honoree.

      • Contact and obtain a photograph of the honoree; send a copy of the press release to the local newspaper, any local association communication, and to; and establish a date and time to present the award.

Nomination Form Announcement:

Insert your local name here is ready to accept nominations for the Friend of Education award program for the 2014-2015 school year! Insert your local name here members may nominate individuals or groups who have made a significant contribution to public education and/or the education profession in your community for this award. Friend of Education award winners will be chosen monthly/quarterly/bi-annually/annually. Once a nomination is received, the nominee remains eligible to receive the award for the entire school year. Honorees will receive a Friend of Education Award and will be featured in a press release and association communications. Nomination forms will be available insert location of nomination forms (website/office/person/PTO). Please submit nomination forms and direct questions to insert name of your Friend of Education program manager at email address and/or mailing address and/or phone number. Nominations will be reviewed by a insert name of local association committee and the honoree will be notified by insert program manager name here for public recognition.

Press Release:

Congratulations to insert name of award winner! Insert name is the monthly/quarterly/bi-annually/annually recipient of the Friend of Education award.  He/she/they was/were nominated by insert name(s) and position of nominator.  Various highlights of insert name of award winner’s work includes: insert reasons for receiving this honor. Nominator name describes award winner name as insert quotes/comments from the nomination form.

Congratulations again to insert award winner!  Thank you for all the wonderful work you do for public education in the insert city name community!