Lewandowski Award for Humanitarian Activities


Lewandowski Award


To preserve and honor the memory of Richard J. Lewandowski, and to recognize and encourage the involvement of members and affiliates in humanitarian efforts. Read about Richard J. Lewandowski.


To be eligible for this award, an individual member, group of members or affiliates must have engaged in activities relating to one or more of the following:

  • Worked to promote racial, ethnic, gender, or sexual orientation equity in the education profession;
  • Worked to improve intergroup relations and understanding among racial/ethnic groups;
  • Made a significant contribution to understanding, peace and cooperation among nations of the world;
  • Worked to enhance opportunities and education programs for special education students;
  • Developed products or activities that have promoted social equity and justice;
  • Been identified and recognized for these activities by the community.


  1. Nominees may be individual members or groups of members of a WEAC affiliate. Affiliates or groups of affiliates may also be nominated.
  2. Nominations may be made by any member of a WEAC affiliate, a local affiliate or Region, or by the WEAC Board of Directors and must be supported by appropriate documentation.
  3. Appropriate documentation accompanying each nomination may include: newspaper clippings, newsletter, programs, certificates, citations, photographs (of the nominee, trophies, and/or plaques), scrapbooks (could contain all of the above), or audio tapes (although transcripts are preferred).
  4. Only persons or organizations whose humanitarian activities have had community-wide impact are eligible for this award.
  5. All nominations must be submitted on the official nomination and documentation forms (attached as Form 5). The forms may be duplicated. Only one name may be submitted on a form. Forms must be received no later than February 1.

Lewandowski Memorial Fund

A fund will be established composed of monies contributed.

Complete your online nomination HERE no later than February 1. For more information, contact Ann Caruso at  CarusoA@WEAC.org or at 800-362-8034, extension 219.

Past Lewandowski Award winners:

2019           Kelly O’Keefe Boettcher

2018            E-Ben Grisby

2017            Sharon Bowen

2016           Donelle Johnson

2015           Menominee Indian Middle School

2013-14     None

2012-13     Flynn Elementary School, Eau Claire

2011-12     None

2010-11     None

2009-10     None

2008-09     Edna Feldman-Schultz

2006-07     Ryan Casper

2005          Andrew J. Kleppe

2004          Beth Franklin

2003          Santo Carfora

2002          Connie Mudore

2001          Cristina Diaz Arntzen, Rebecca Mormann

2000          Robert Peterson

1999          Richard Luther

1998          Phillip Ferguson, Jane Hammatt-Kavalski, Tenia Jenkins, Gilbert Richardson

1997          Westside Elementary School of River Falls

1995          Sara Hudson

1994          Joel Lamke

1993          Eleonore Boris

1992          Brenda Ness

1991          Anton Anday, Arlene Meyerhofer

1990          Larry Nelson

1989          Meredith Ingram

1988          Joel Pfeiffer