November 14, 2022

Be a Delegate to the NEA Representative Assembly

Members of the WEAC-Retired/NEA-R will elect delegates to the NEA Representative Assembly for a three-year term in March 2023. The 2023 NEA Convention will be held July 2-6 in Orlando, Florida; the 2024 NEA Convention will be held July 2-6 in Philadelphia, PA; and the 2025 NEA Convention site is still being finalized.

The elected retired delegates to the NEA RA are also the voting delegates to the NEA-Retired Annual meeting that is held immediately prior to and at the same site as the NEA RA.

WEAC-Retired members planning to seek election as delegates are required to file their declaration of candidacy in the office of the WEAC Executive Director, PO Box 8003, Madison, Wisconsin, 53708, no later than January 13, 2023 (in office; not a postmark date). If the nominee is not submitting his/her own candidacy, the nomination must be accompanied by a signed statement from the nominee indicating his/her willingness to run for and to fulfill the requirements of office.  A nomination form can be found at /forms/retired-nea-ra/.

All WEAC-Retired/NEA-R members are eligible to run for a state delegate position, nominate other WEAC-Retired/NEA-R members as candidates and to vote in the delegate election.

After the nomination deadline, a ballot will be sent to each WEAC-Retired NEA-R member. A separate listing of candidates’ qualifications will be made available.  Each ballot must be returned in a sealed envelope to the WEAC by MARCH 3, 2023 (in office; not a postmark date).

The candidates receiving the most votes within our delegate allotment shall be the WEAC-Retired delegates. Those receiving the next highest numbers of votes shall be the alternates. Should a delegate be unable to fulfill their duties, the appropriate alternate will move to delegate status.

The elected retired delegates will receive a stipend from the WEAC to cover expenses as approved by the WEAC Board of Directors. The payment of the stipend is contingent upon the delegates’ attendance at the NEA-R Annual meetings.