November 5, 2021

Be a WEAC-Retired Delegate to the 2022 WEAC Representative Assembly

The WEAC Representative Assembly is April 30, 2022. All WEAC-Retired members are eligible to run for a delegate position or to nominate other WEAC-Retired members as candidates. Submit your name for candidacy or nominate someone using the nomination form or contacting Ann Caruso at, 800-362-8034, ext. 219.


The candidates receiving the most votes within the WEAC-Retired delegate allotment will be the WEAC-Retired delegates. Those receiving the next highest numbers of votes will be the alternates. Should a delegate be unable to fulfill the duties, the appropriate alternate will move to delegate status.

Candidates may request a list of WEAC-Retired members and/or mailing labels. However, payment for any lists and/or labels must be received in advance. Requests for such lists and/or labels should be directed to the WEAC-Retired Governance Liaison Kim Schroeder.

Nomination forms must be submitted by January 15, 2022, either online, mailed to Kim Schroeder, WEAC-Retired Governance Liaison, P.O. Box 8003, Madison, WI  53708-8003, or emailed to Forms must be in the WEAC office by January 15, regardless of postmark date.