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Building Committee – 6 Steps

6 Basic Steps For Highly Effective Building Committees

Click here for a Building Committee note-taking template

1. Solicit concerns from staff

  • Notify staff of organizational meeting and who is serving on the Building Committee.
  • Allow members to submit concerns anonymously, to any member of the Committee.
  • Establish a deadline for submitting concerns.

2. Organizational meeting

  • Select the chairperson.
  • Review concerns submitted by the staff and prioritize them.
  • Set aside inappropriate concerns (i.e., conflict between staff members or issues that must be bargained).
  • Develop consensus on positions, potential solutions, priorities, and the agenda for the meeting with your principal.
  • Determine which committee members will speak to each concern.
  • Develop an agenda – limit it to a few items.
  • Select a note-taker.
  • Distribute agenda to staff.

3. Set meeting

  • Give principal a copy of the agenda.
  • Establish a mutually convenient time to meet.
  • Agree upon a neutral location.
  • Do not discuss items or details with the principal prior to the meeting.

4. Meet with the principal

  • The committee chair facilitates the meeting.
  • The principal may have the assistant principal in the meeting.
  • Present the agenda items with details, specific examples, and propose solutions.
  • Take comprehensive notes.
  • Obtain commitments for follow-up from the principal – with specific steps and deadlines.

5. Communicate to the staff

  • Provide a written report to the staff.
  • The report should not be edited by the principal.
  • Publish victories.
  • If your school is receiving ongoing support from an MTEA staff member, send him/her a copy of the report.

6. Follow-up

  • Hold the principal to his/her commitments and deadlines.
  • Begin next committee meeting with a review of the previous agenda items and resolutions.
  • If you experience major and/or persistent problems, contact an MTEA staff member for advice and support.