May 4, 2021

Earn $50 – For Talking to Just One! of Your Colleagues

Earn $50 – For Talking to Just One! of Your Colleagues Featured Image

Because a union’s strength is in its numbers, WEAC Region 6 is investing in the Just One! membership program to sign up potential members to the union and reward the union members who recruit them.

Research and experience show that potential union members are much more likely to join if they speak face-to-face with colleagues who are already members. From now until May 28, 2021, any Region 6 member who signs up a new Region 6 member will be rewarded $50 for each new member recruited. The key is the conversation, whether virtual or in-person, if you have a conversation with a potential member to learn what concerns them, what their collective goals are, and offer them the opportunity to belong to your union, you will be entered in a raffle for more prizes. Follow this link for an overview, instructions, some short informational videos, and the claim form.

This has been a chaotic and exhausting year for public education employees, and we owe it to our potential members and members to listen to their concerns and invite them to join the union to help collectively solve problems and advocate for students, compensation, our profession and working conditions. These conversations will help us prepare for what is likely going to be another year full of uncertainty.

We can get through any global or local issue together, as an education community – and potential members need to know we are here waiting to walk alongside them during the good times, as well as the trying times. Region 6 director Kim Noyce explains more about the Just One! program in this short video.

Just One! member makes a difference in our ability to influence the lives of our students and educators. We challenge each local union in WEAC Region 6 to sign up at least one new member in the next several weeks.

If you have questions, please call the WEAC Region 6 office at 1-800-397-2287 or speak to one of your local union’s leaders.