October 6, 2021

Educators Applaud Proposal for Teachers to Negotiate 

Educators Applaud Proposal for Teachers to Negotiate  Featured Image
Peggy Wirtz-Olsen

Teachers should have input in what happens in the classroom 

The Wisconsin Education Association Council applauds a proposal announced today to allow teachers and school staff to negotiate with our employers in areas such as school conditions and what happens in the classroom. The following comments can be attributed to Peggy Wirtz-Olsen, a teacher and WEAC president: 

“Educators believe the freedom to join together for our students and each other is a right we definitely should have.  

“To make sure students continue to have the best teachers, Wisconsin needs leaders who will show respect for educators. The power to negotiate will allow educators to better protect and advocate for every single student. 

“Educators need the collaboration that negotiating with our employers affords, now more than ever, because currently the professionals who need to be at the table are not. Wisconsin, it’s time to restore the teacher’s role in shaping the school experience for students. We do that through collective bargaining.  

“This bill will pave the way for educators to have a say in our schools. We’ll keep giving 110 percent because our students are counting on us. We’re counting on Wisconsin legislators to make it legal again for educators to negotiate with our employers.” 


To arrange an interview with a WEAC educator about the right to negotiate with our employers, email communications@weac.org.