August 27, 2020

Educators condemn Vos and his do-nothing caucus

Educators condemn Vos and his do-nothing caucus Featured Image

Our students need stability amid chaos, yet Robin Vos and his Republican caucus refuse to lead.

Republican legislative leaders this week said they will not take up Governor Tony Evers’ package of bills on racial injustice and policing reforms.

“The eyes of the world are on the chaos in Wisconsin, yet Robin Vos and his do-nothing legislative caucus refuse to lead,” WEAC President Ron Martin said after Republican leaders said they won’t take the bills up in special session. “Educators are doing our jobs so students can learn, easing the trauma of the pandemic and violence. We expect Robin Vos to do the same.”

The governor is calling for the special session August 31, urging the Legislature to act on bills he worked on with the Black Legislative Caucus and introduced two months ago. Many states, including Minnesota and Iowa, have already passed similar comprehensive police reform legislation.

“Wisconsin educators have worked endlessly through the spring, summer and now into the fall to be sure we can address student needs in this difficult time, but the Republican-led Legislature hasn’t been in session since April. There’s a pandemic going on here. There’s a racial justice crisis going on here. It’s time to act,” Martin said.

Instead of taking action, Vos has announced he will be forming a task force on racial disparities, policing standards, education and other issues. “Wisconsin doesn’t need another task force,” Martin said. “We don’t need months of meetings and unrealized recommendations. We don’t have time for that. We need urgent action now.”