May 13, 2021

Educators Continue to Make the Case for the Power to Negotiate

Educators Continue to Make the Case for the Power to Negotiate Featured Image

WEAC teachers and education support professionals continue to make the case for having a seat at the table in school decision-making after a legislative committee pulled the provisions out of the proposed 2021-23 state budget.

“Hundreds and hundreds of educators have sent their personal experiences to the Joint Finance Committee in the hopes that our elected officials would consider our position,” WEAC President Ron Martin said before the Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee met to continue developing the budget. “Let’s make Wisconsin the place people want to return to, stay and invest in due to our top-quality education as part of the overall infrastructure improvements to move our state forward. The Joint Finance Committee has the power to make that happen.”

Martin shared remarks from three Wisconsin teachers in different stages of their careers to explain how the power to negotiate allows educators to be better advocates for our students and keeps the best teachers in the profession.

“Rachel, a 29-year public school teacher and UW-Madison graduate, has witnessed Wisconsin schools go from national educational leaders, where only the best and brightest could get into the School of Education and a teaching position in a crowded job field, to a state where fewer people are choosing to enter or stay in the profession,” Martin said, sharing Rachel’s remarks.

“Rachel says, ‘I believe the decline is due to devaluing public education and educators. We need a State Budget that fully funds public schools and returns bargaining rights, which will lead to better teaching and learning conditions in Wisconsin.’”

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