April 22, 2021

Educators Testify in Support of Governor’s Budget Proposal

Educators Testify in Support of Governor’s Budget Proposal Featured Image

Educators are uniting to testify in favor of Governor Tony Evers’ proposed state budget that invests in public schools and restores the ability of teachers and support staff to be involved in local school decisions. It’s not too late to submit your testimony online.

Hurry! The deadline to submit your testimony is noon, Friday, April 30.

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“Public School educators all across this great state are sending in their virtual testimony, firsthand experiences, using the online option,” WEAC President Ron Martin told the Joint Finance Committee testifying at an in-person hearing in Rhinelander. “As you reflect on their testimony, I ask you to hear our pleas on behalf of our students. I invite you to come into our classrooms and see how funding could help. I remind you that our students need that funding. They are the future of Wisconsin, and you hold that future in your hands.”

WEAC will continue to highlight our member stories over the next couple months as the state budget is developed. Read some of their stories, and then step up to share yours.

Leah, Special Education Teacher

“Teaching is ultimately about the valuing people and learning from others. Unfortunately, since committing to the field of education  teachers voice and autonomy have not been recognized. Collective bargaining is important not only for the future though better outcomes for students, but for the future of the profession.”

Brent, Music Teacher

“While no community is the same, the challenges within schools continue to grow across the state. My career centers around impacting students’ lives for the better and it has become more and more difficult to achieve that goal. When a budget is proposed to improve our schools, we must act. Improving our students’ learning conditions, providing expanded mental health supports and giving educators’ the voice to uphold our Wisconsin standard of education is of the utmost importance in serving our students and their families.”

Barbara, Bilingual Teacher
“Teachers have been stretched to the breaking point, and not surprisingly, many are leaving the profession or choosing not to enter it in the first place.  Wisconsin needs to restore collective bargaining to improve teacher salaries and working conditions, which will in turn help to attract and retain the best and the brightest teachers.  Wisconsin students deserve to learn in the best conditions with the best teachers.”