Let’s Talk

Let’s Talk: An Introduction

By Gail Kablau

Welcome to the first blog established for Wisconsin Education Support Professionals. My name is Gail Kablau, and I am currently serving as the Education Support Professional (ESP) representative on the WEAC Board of Directors.

My role in this at-large Board position is to be the voice for all Education Support Professional union members in the State of Wisconsin. While that is no small task, I am honored to be that voice. I have spoken to many of my fellow ESP members in different roles, but want to learn more about your experiences and concerns. Only through these conversations, will I truly be able to represent you.

It is especially important for me to hear from those in different roles. In my clerical work, I interact with many ESP members in other roles, but that is certainly not the same as working your job every day. Those of you who work in the many ESP job families have a wide and diverse experience.

What do you love about your work? What poses the biggest challenges?  Do you have strategies for working with kids you can share? What membership programs do you use to successfully sign up new ESP members? What avenues do you use to work with your school district to make things better for your members and your students? I want to hear it all.

Let’s talk!

Contact Gail Kablau at: gdkablau@gmail.com.