What Are ESP?

Let’s Talk: What Are ESP?

By Gail Kablau

So, you keep seeing the term “ESP” in Union communications, but you’re not exactly sure what that means. Education Support Professionals (ESP), as defined by the National Education Association (NEA), includes nine career families.

According to the NEA, “Currently, there are more than 3 million education support staff in the nation’s school systems. Because nearly one half of the employees of any given school district are support professionals, we represent the biggest opportunity for NEA membership growth.”

ESP members are represented on Local, Regional, State and National Union Boards, and provide a wealth of experience that contributes to educating the whole child. WEAC is on the move in Wisconsin to revitalize ESP Locals through a statewide initiative with two simple objectives: to increase membership and engagement in Union activities, and increase member connection to student success. WEAC recognizes ESP members as an important part of our students’ school experience.

Growth in our profession is also important for ESP members to keep current and be in touch with how we can be most effective in today’s education world. Our state union has microcredential offerings through the WEA Academy, and the NEA has an ESP Professional Growth Continuum model that can be a great way to track where you are and where you are headed.

We want you to get to know your ESP members around the State. Today’s featured family is focused on Clerical Services. These are the members who are on the front lines in every school office. Read more from your WEAC State ESP-at-Large Board Representative, Gail Kablau, and join her for “A Day in My Shoes”.

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