WEAC Summer Organizing 2021
Local Interest Form

Goal and Purpose of the Program

Strengthen locals through membership growth

Create a positive and effective back to school and new hire campaign

Identify potential leaders and engage new leaders

Strengthen worksite leadership structures

Identify local issues and engage in collective action campaigns

Local Expectations

  • Once selected, complete goal setting form with UD
  • Promote, recruit and interview a minimum of three paid organizers/local
  • Hired organizers, local president and UD commit to participate in Summer Organizing Boot Camp (June 29 & 30), weekly check-ins, and submit weekly reports of behaviors and progress
  • Acquire a full potential member list from the district
  • Local will send a team or member to Summer Leadership Academy 2021, July 26-28, 2021
  • Local will attend Data Retreat and Celebration (Oct/Nov 2021)
  • Local will host a fall campaign using the WEAC Back to School best practices template

WEAC and Region Expectations

  • Fund three paid organizer positions ($15/hour) per local; 20 hours/week for 6 weeks
  • Train, coach, and mentor organizers and local leadership team
  • UD will participate in Summer Organizing Boot Camp, lead weekly check-ins, and review weekly reports (Weekly group collaboration calls for Leads/Staff to collaborate)
  • UD will coach and advise locals in issue organizing campaigns and pivot from membership to action

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