June 1, 2020

KEA Statement Following the Murder of George Floyd

KEA Statement Following the Murder of George Floyd Featured Image

A KEA statement following the murder of George Floyd:

Our hearts ache for the frustration, pain, and fear our communities are experiencing, particularly those in our Black communities.

KEA believes that addressing the overt and subtle racism that infects our communities starts in our classrooms. Educators have a responsibility to do a deep and honest level of self-examination and self-awareness if they are to justly serve their students. That means unpacking our biases and helping to unpack the biases of our colleagues, even if it is uncomfortable, even if we believe we hold no biases. We cannot be complicit or unknowingly participatory in systems of oppression that exacerbate the inequities present in our schools.

We must use our position and advantage as white educators to deliver the education our black and brown students are entitled to: a public education that is anti-racist, restorative, and honors their lived experiences.

As the third largest school district in the state serving a majority population of students of color, we must be committed to doing the daily work of becoming anti-racist and culturally competent role models. That means as a district and as educators, we must push to:

  • Recruit and retain teaching and leadership staff of color.
  • Provide high-quality, ongoing cultural competency and awareness training.
  • Create an equity committee structure that allows for educators, students, and community

members to meaningfully participate in discussions and offer solutions.

KEA invites everyone to help us with this advocacy work in order to ensure that our black and brown students remain seen and heard in the classroom. If you are a KEA member looking for resources on how to become more culturally aware or would like to join our Racial Justice in Education Committee, please email us at keaunion@gmail.com. If you are a community member looking to support our efforts, please consider signing up to become a Community Ally here: https://bit.ly/CommunityAlly