August 29, 2022

Let’s Talk ESP Blog: Starting Today

Let’s Talk ESP Blog: Starting Today Featured Image

By Gail Kablau
Education Support Professional
WEAC ESP-at-Large Board Director

A new school year is upon us! Whether you have already started, or your opening day is coming up, it’s always exciting to begin again, reset, come back with a fresh perspective. Personally, I am making a transition with my work, this time for the better with shifting duties, so I am not as overloaded. As I make that transition, I am approaching each day as a starting point toward making things better.

Starting today…

  1. I will open my eyes to my new surroundings – how can I make them appealing and comfortable for myself and those around me?
  2. I will open my ears to what happens in my new space – make sure to really listen to what others are saying.
  3. I will open my mind to new ways of doing things – how can I streamline this process, or find a new way to do something?
  4. I will open my heart to those who come into my space – be welcoming and understanding of what they need.
  5. I will make the best of the opportunities this transition offers me.

Starting today, we can all begin anew, finding different ways to do the same things we have done year to year. I have made a commitment to myself that beginning anew this year means looking at everything differently. In taking to heart something a trusted colleague said – when looking for better ways to do a task, I will ask myself, does it create stress, or remove stress? Finding the path that creates the least amount of stress, but gets the job done, is the path I am choosing to travel.

Look around your environment – whether it’s the same one or a new one – I encourage you to start this school year by beginning anew. Starting today, what will you change to create less stress? I’m eager to hear your thoughts. Let’s Talk!

Gail Kablau is the WEAC Education Support Professional (ESP)-at-Large Board RepresentativeContact her at: