May 3, 2024

Make Every Week Teacher Appreciation Week

Make Every Week Teacher Appreciation Week Featured Image

May 6-10 is 2024 National Teacher Appreciation Week. During Teacher Appreciation Week and every week, Wisconsin Public School educators go above and beyond to keep students learning, safe and supported. With the special attention Teacher Appreciation Week focuses on educators, there is the opportunity to rally public support for public schools and the people who work in them.

WEAC has curated a Teacher Appreciation Week Toolkit with many recommendations for amplifying Teacher Appreciation Week in every community.

During Teacher Appreciation Week, educators are often asked how parents and the general public can show their appreciation. We have a set of recommended responses for turning this sentiment into action. Educators and public education supporters can also promote these messages by posting them on social media.

  1. Send a personal note: A nice hand-written letter – or even just an email or text – from a parent, caretaker, sibling or student goes a long way.
  2. Shout your praise: Tell everyone you know, one at a time or all at once by tagging them in a social media post.
  3. Spread the good news: Parents, caretakers, and families can share stories about how educators go above and beyond for students.
  4. Volunteer to help: An educator’s work is never done. Offer to pitch in some time before or after school to help your school’s teachers.
  5. Advocate for public schools: Urge your policy makers to support equitable investments in the tools and resources that students need.

Any time of year, WEAC members can encourage colleagues and community members to go to WEAC’s Thank a Teacher page to give special recognition to an educator they know. Thank an educator who makes a difference in your life by posting a thank you note today. Your message will be shared across Wisconsin and your featured teacher may be selected for special recognition.