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Friend of Education

Recognizing significant contributions to public education.

The Friend of Education Award is to be presented to an individual or group who has made a significant contribution to education and/or the profession in Wisconsin. The media and active WEAC/Region members are not eligible to receive this award. Nominations must be received no later than February 1.

Friend of Education Award Guidelines

  1. Purpose. To recognize individuals or organizations who have made significant contributions to the cause of public education in the State of Wisconsin.
  2. Eligibility.
    1. Governmental (state officials, legislators, mayors, school officials, etc.)
    2. Private citizens.
    3. Corporate.
  3. Criteria.
    1. The award will be given to a group or individual who has made a significant contribution to education and/or the profession in Wisconsin.
    2. The activity or action being recognized must be completed or ongoing, as opposed to being promised.
    3. The impact of the activity, actions or contribution should be viewed as long term, enhancing, complementary to the goals of WEAC, and easily recognizable.
    4. The individual or organization recognized should not be a member, contributor or advocate for other causes which are recognized as being in conflict with the long term policies of the teachers of Wisconsin (WEAC policy, resolutions, platform, etc.) Such organizations to include, but not be limited to: KKK, Right to Work Committee, etc.
  4. Procedures
    1. Nominations
      1. To be received via online form provided by the subcommittee.
      2. Submitted by February 1
      3. By category.
      4. By individuals/affiliates.
      5. Endorsements by local/Region unit.
    2. Decision of the Committee
      1. The Committee shall consider the nominations received which have met timelines and submission requirement.
      2. The Committee shall not be required to recommend an award in any category irrespective of the number of nominations.
      3. The Committee shall make its decision on the basis of the criteria.
      4. The recommendation of the Committee shall be advisory, only, and shall be submitted to the Board of Directors.
      5. The WEAC Board of Directors may accept or reject the recommendation of the Committee but may not change it or substitute another entry.
      6. The nominations submitted and votes thereon shall be the property of the subcommittee.
    3. The subcommittee shall seek nominations for the Friend of Education Award from members of the Board of Directors, Regions and local affiliates through the office of the Region or local president.
    4. Nominations must be received in the WEAC office no later than February 1. In the event February 1 is not a working day, the next working day shall become the deadline.
    5. The subcommittee shall not release any information regarding its recommendations prior to presenting its recommendations at the Board of Directors meeting.
    6. The subcommittee shall present its recommendation to the Board of Directors no later than the February meeting.
    7. A majority vote of the Board of Directors members present and voting constitutes an affirmation of the subcommittee’s recommendation.
    8. The media and active UEP members are excluded from consideration.