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We’re In This Together

Membership Gives You Better Pay and Better Benefits

All workers benefit from unions. Unions set the pay and fringe benefit standards and workplace conditions for every employed person. On average an employee in a unionized workplace earns 13.2 percent more in wages than a peer in a similar nonunionized workplace. Membership helps raise wages for women and lessen racial wage gaps.

Union employers contribute 77.4 percent more toward employees’ health coverage and provide better benefits than comparable nonunion employers. Union members have an advantage in retirement security. WEAC is an ardent protector of your pension which is funded through the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS). Membership is essential to balance power and for a fair and prosperous economy and a healthy democracy.

Membership Protects You in the Workplace

Unions fought for and work to strengthen many of the social standards and norms that protect Americans today including Social Security, child labor laws, discrimination in the workplace, health and safety laws, workers’ compensation, the 40-hour work week and the federal minimum wage. Your membership gives you access to experts in employment and education law assure your employee rights noted below are protected:

  • Rights under FMLA
  • Disability discrimination
  • Age discrimination
  • Rights under workman’s compensation
  • Layoff and recall rights
  • Structural safety; your right to a safe workplace
  • Rights under discrimination laws
  • Loudermill & Garrity Rights afforded to public employees
  • Rights under your individual contract
  • Weingarten Rights, guaranteeing representation to union members

Membership Provides Strength in Numbers

Union members exist across all employment sectors, but the biggest share work in education or health services. Nearly two in five union members (39.8 percent) work in education or health services. Unions are a line of defense against state and empower power, because collectively we improve our working conditions, resolve workplace issues, and improve the quality of education for our students. As a member of WEAC—Wisconsin’s largest union—you are not alone. While you are working hard daily in your classroom, we are working hard daily to advocate for child and teacher friendly policy at the Department of Public Instruction and at the state and local government. Our influence is stronger when we speak in one collective, professional voice.