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You will receive support from school-based and city-wide mentors throughout the year.

City-wide mentors

The city-wide mentors are a group of highly skilled and experienced teachers who work full-time to support your professional development. Mentors work with new teacher on:

  • Classroom management
  • Lesson planning
  • Instructional strategies

Mentors observe, co-teach, model and provide coaching in all areas that are typically challenging for you in your first year.

School-based mentors

School-based mentors are your colleagues in your school. They are trained to provide support on PI-34, lesson, and curricular planning.  Because the school-based mentor is in your school, s/he will be able to help you navigate the halls, gather supplies, meet your colleagues and provide insight into your school’s culture.

Your school administrator should inform you on your first day who has been assigned as your mentor.