MTEA School Calendars

2024-25 MPS School Year Calendar

2024-25 Pay Schedule

Teachers, School Counselors, and Speech Pathologists (191-Day Work Year)

Accountant/Bookkeepers, Librarians, Nurses, and Social Workers (200-Day Work Year)

Educational Assistants (Paraprofessionals, Safety Assistants, etc.) (187-Day Work Year)

Handicapped Children’s Assistants and Licensed Practical Nurse (189-Day Work Year)

Food Service Managers (191-Day Work Year)

Substitute Teachers, Building Service Helpers I, and Food Service Assistants (Bi-weekly pay schedule 2024-25) Additional pay for substitute teachers begins on the 21st day in an assignment. The additional pay is on a four (4) week hold back which is different from the usual two (2) week hold back for regular assignments.

2024-25 Educational Assistant, Children’s Handicapped Assistants and Licensed Practical Nurse Workdays

Educational assistants, CHA and LPN, can use the list below to see which non-student days are workdays. For a full work-year summary (including holidays and breaks), click on the calendar.