1619 Project & Not Light, but Fire: A Virtual Book Study

No matter our color, background, or zip code, we want our students to have an education that imparts honesty about who we are, integrity in how we treat others, and courage to do what’s right. Some aiming to ignite a culture war are using the dog whistle strategy of distraction and division by trying to dictate what teachers say and block kids from learning our shared stories of confronting injustice to build a more perfect union. Joining together, we can demand that our schools have the resources to meet every child’s needs with well-trained and supported teachers and a curriculum that helps them reckon with and shape our future.


Join educators from around the state for a virtual book study focusing on two important books that promote honesty in education – The 1619 Project and Not Light, but Fire.


Sessions will be facilitated by Chauna Perry-Finch. Chauna is a WEAC member leader and a national speaker and restorative schools strategist who has provided training and consultation for a variety of school districts and organizations across the country. In our final session we’ll be joined by author and educator Matthew Kay.


This virtual book club will meet Wednesdays February 9, February 23 and March 9, 2022.
All sessions will begin at 6 p.m. CST


  Participants are asked to order copies of the book(s) in advance or reserve them at a local library.

Books are NOT provided by WEAC for this book study.

Attendance is FREE for WEAC members to attend and we ask that you register here to receive the Zoom link. 

Course Cost


69 seats remaining