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Balanced Life Retreat: Getting Set for Your Happiest Year Yet!

This summer is bringing a much needed opportunity to breathe, finally. With all that educators have endured over the past two years, this summer is the time to refill our cups and take steps to ensure they stay filled throughout this upcoming school year. During this four-hour retreat in New London, Wisconsin, you’ll get to choose from multiple activities to relax and restore in a beautiful nature sanctuary. You’ll also learn tips, tricks, and strategies to add to your toolbox to keep your well-being supported all year long. Finally, we’ll take time to set meaningful intentions and strong plans to ensure you’re not finding yourself burned out this school year.


Join us for a special summer retreat to help you restore and prepare for your best year of teaching.


  • Four-hour retreat on Saturday, July 30, 2022 from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. at Mosquito Hill Nature Center, New London.
  • Opportunity to plan, set intentions, determine necessary boundaries and indulge in restorative activities to aid in balance for the upcoming year.
  • Includes a SWAG bag for each participant with self-care essentials.
  • A healthy lunch provided.


A Balanced Life Retreat is an expansion of our popular Balanced Wellness course which runs during the school year. These excellent opportunities are provided to WEAC members in partnership with Steeping Wellness, LLC.

Course Cost