Democracy in Chains – A Virtual Book Study with Nancy MacLean

Consecutive Saturdays – August 21 and 28 from 10:00-12:00 a.m. CST

In her New York Times best selling book historian, educator and author Nancy MacLean shows how the radical right has forged ideas about government in a last gasp attempt to preserve the white elite’s power in the wake of Brown v. Board of Education. Democracy in Chains is a thorough examination of 20th century efforts to undermine democratic systems through slow, methodical and intentional erosion and manipulation of the democratic system. MacLean clearly articulates and lays out evidence that the right’s capitalistic interests are to maintain property for the wealthy and to reduce access to education and intergenerational mobility to the many.  A must read.



This is a virtual book study led by the author.



What others are saying about this important book:


“[A] vibrant intellectual history of the radical right . . . What we think of as dysfunction is the result of years of strategic effort.”  —The Atlantic


“It’s the missing chapter: a key to understanding the politics of the past half century. To read Nancy MacLean’s new book, Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right’s Stealth Plan for America, is to see what was previously invisible.”  —The Guardian 


“A remarkable new book which argues that the radical right revolution engineered by Charles and his brother David is not just about accruing political and economic power, but about restricting democracy itself.”  —The New Republic

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