You’ve Got This: Building a Balanced Life

Educators take care of a lot of people. Let your union take care of you. Our You’ve Got This program is designed to help educators prevent burnout, happily enjoy their work, create supportive routines, connect with an encouraging community and sustainably build a more balanced life.

Each month, October through May, has a devoted theme. The first week of the month, a physical mailing will be sent to participants with tangibles, handouts, and QR codes for additional resources. Short, meaningful materials that can easily be incorporated in an educator’s schedule, sent monthly, include:

  • A ten minute (or less) educational video highlighting the theme of the month.
  • A video to guide you through an activity to support the theme.
  • Two additional (five minute or less) videos to expand on the theme to complete at your own pace, if you choose.
  • A motivating and supportive wellness challenge to support the theme and create realistic habits.
  • An opportunity to sign up for One Steep at a Time inspirational texting program with simple, encouraging ideas to steep a little well-being into your day, one to three times per week.
  • A private video messaging platform that will allow questions, concerns, and problems to be posed, based on the theme or whatever the needs are of the group, and the community of educators to answer and be involved.
  • A newsletter with tips and tricks for well-being.

Benefits of this program include:

  • Receiving a package in the mail each month to serve as a tangible reminder to take time to take care of yourself with gentle encouragement and excitement.
  • Flexibility to do the activities that speak to you, at a pace that works for you.
  • The ability to connect to Steeping Wellness when personal questions arise, or support is needed.
  • A video messaging connection to the You Got This community when you need a little encouragement.
  • Short, steady learning opportunities and self-guided activities to build a happier, healthier life, brick by brick.

Participation is limited to 50 participants.





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