WEAC – Region 2

2022 WEAC Region 2 Scholarship

WEAC Region 2 will grant scholarships to two high school seniors, who are the children of WEAC Region 2 members and are planning to continue their education after graduation by attending a University or Technical College program.  Scholarship recipients will each be awarded $500.00 to be used for the recipients’ fees, tuition, or related expenses.  There are no restrictions regarding an applicant’s income level, additional scholarships they may have been awarded, or their course of study.

High school seniors, graduating from a Wisconsin public high school, are eligible if their parent(s) or legal guardian qualifies in one of the following membership categories:

  • Active member of WEAC Region 2
  • Active retired member who retired from a current WEAC Region 2 local
  • A parent who died while holding an active membership with a current WEAC Region 2 local.

The parent or guardian’s membership must be confirmed by a local union officer.  In addition, the student must rank in the top 25% of his/her class or have achieved a 3.0 cumulative grade point average (based on a non-weighted 4.0 scale) at the time of application.  (All A’s = 4 points; B’s = 3 points; C’s = 2 points; D’s = 1 point; F’s = 0 points)

2023 Scholarship applications must be submitted to the WEAC Region 2 office by 3pm on Friday, March 10, 2023. Applications may be mailed to the WEAC Region 2  office, email to region2@weac.org, or sent by fax to (715) 257-6144.

The updated 2023 applications will be posted in December of 2022.

PDF: 2022 WEAC Region 2 Scholarship Application

Word: 2022 WEAC Region 2 Scholarship Application Fillable

Scholarship recipients will be notified in mid-April, and the scholarships will be presented at the WEAC Region 2 Representative Assembly in May.