May 31, 2022

Resources for Supporting Students

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Wisconsin educators join in mourning the young children and their teachers killed in Uvalde, Texas. Our hearts break for all the families, children and educators who will forever be changed.

“Educators desperately work to keep our schools safe so students can learn,” said WEAC President Peggy Wirtz-Olsen. “It’s crushing emotionally to face yet another senseless killing. It’s too much and we must come together to save our children.”

WEAC and all NEA affiliates have been working non-stop to provide support and resources for members, including resources to care and support our students and each other, and a menu of advocacy options for driving real change to ensure safe school communities for all our students.

NEA School Crisis Guide

NEA Grief Resources

NEA Mental Health Web Page

How to Talk to Students about Violence

Additional resources to support students, help school leaders cope with crisis, foster student and educator mental health, prevent hate and bias in schools, and advocate for safer schools can be found at Responding to Gun Violence.

Take Action

“This tragedy once again underscores the very real dangers of a culture in which gun violence has become too much the norm and is too often the first way to resolve an argument or a grievance,” the NEA and Texas State Teachers Association said in a joint statement. “We pray for the victims and their families, and we once again demand that state and federal policymakers take action to keep firearms out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them, whether that requires enacting new laws or better enforcing our existing laws.”

How many more mass shootings need to happen before these lawmakers finally take responsibility?

Join us in demanding common-sense gun laws to prevent violence in our schools and communities.

Email Congress Now

Take action now by emailing Congress

Congress, we are watching and want to know: what are you going to do?

Mental Health Awareness

The need to focus on the mental wellbeing of our students is greater than ever.

Student & Educator Mental Health Resources