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  1. Work with the District. Ask for time on the district’s agenda to give a presentation. If the district won’t make space, find a way to show up anyway – tabling or greeting people outside, etc.
  2. Buy Some Time with Lunch. Some districts give more time to the Association at the orientation if lunch is provided. Buying lunch could get you exclusive access to potential members for up to an hour.
  3. Create Your Own Orientation. Create your own union orientation and invite all new hires to join, especially if your district has mid-year hiring. (See sample agenda)

Special tips for education support professionals:

All employees deserve a helpful orientation, so make sure that includes ESPs. If ESPs don’t already have an orientation, which is often the case, schedule one in partnership with the district or hold your own. ESPs are hired throughout the year, so a process for continuous onboarding is essential.

Ways To Build a Potential Member List