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The following candidates are recommended by local WEAC affiliates.

Listed in alphabetical order by local association.


Appleton Education Association Recommends:

Jason Kolpack, Appleton School Board
Nick Ross, Appleton School Board
Kristine Sauter, Appleton School Board

Arrowhead (AUTO) Recommends:

David Landis, Arrowhead School Board
Garet Galster, Arrowhead School Board


Baraboo Education Association and the Baraboo Secretarial/Clerical Organization Recommend:

Amy DeLong, Baraboo School Board
Tim Heilman, Baraboo School Board
Gwynne Peterson, Baraboo School Board

Belleville Education Association Recommends for School Board:

Jill Remy
Ryan Kubly
Katie Woehrle

Beloit Education Association Recommends:

Amiee Leavy, Beloit School Board
Brian Nichols, Beloit School Board

Beloit School Referendum (facilities), YES
Beloit School Referendum (operational), YES


Cedarburg Education Association Recommends:

Kate Erickson, Cedarburg School Board
Connie Kincaid, Cedarburg School Board

Columbus Education Association Recommends:

John Pearson, Columbus School Board

Corey Ohlson-Rappe, Columbus School Board

Cudahy Education Association Recommends:

Nichole Conklin, Cudahy School Board


De Pere Education Association Recommends:

Jeff Dickert, De Pere School Board
Wolf Hindrichs, De Pere School Board
Mark Meneau, De Pere School Board


Eau Claire Association of Educators Recommends:

Jarrett Dement, Eau Claire Area School District School Board
Lori Bica, Eau Claire Area School District School Board

Evansville Education Association Recommends:

Mitch Larson, Evansville School Board
Sandra Spanton Nelson, Evansville School Board
Mason Braunschweig, Evansville School Board


Franklin Education Association Recommends:

Mary Yank, Franklin School Board


Germantown Education Association Recommends:

Joshua Johnson, Germantown School Board
Michael Pickett, Germantown School Board

Green Bay Education Association Recommends:

Laura McCoy, Green Bay Area Public School Board

Lynn Gerlach, Green Bay Area Public School Board

GBEA PAC Executive Committee Recommends:

Eric Genrich, Mayor of Green Bay

Greendale Education Association Recommends:

Kathleen Wied-Vincent, Greendale School Board


Hamilton Sussex  Chapter United Lakewood Educators Recommends:

Laura Callen (write-in), Hamilton Sussex School Board

Hudson Education Association Recommends:

Megan Rozowski, Hudson School Board

Heather Logelin, Hudson School Board


Kaukauna Education Association Recommends:

Tracy LyBoualong, Kaukauna School Board

Charles West, Kaukauna School Board

Kenosha Education Association Recommends:

Yolanda Adams, KUSD School Board

Kettle Moraine Education Association Recommends:

Jay Crouse, Kettle Moraine School Board
J.J. Andrews, Kettle Moraine School Board


La Crosse Education Association Recommends:

Operational Referendum: YES

Jeff Jackson, La Crosse School Board
Trevor Sprague, La Crosse School Board
Jerry Wacek, La Crosse School Board

Lakeshore Education Association Recommends:

Julie Konik, Sheboygan City Council, District 9


Madison Teachers Inc. Recommends:

Satya Rhodes Conway, Madison Mayor
Blair Mosner Feltham, Madison School Board, Seat 6
Nicki Vander Meulen, Madison School Board, Seat 7

Merton (AUTO) Recommends:

Rebecca Imes, Merton School Board

Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association Recommends:

Missy Zombor, Citywide School Board
Marva Herndon, School Board District 1
Erika Siemsen, School Board District 2
Gabi Hart, School Board District 3
Megan O’Halloran, School Board District 8

Andrea Pratt, Common Council Seat 1
Odell Ball and Larresa Taylor, Common Council Seat 9

Monona Grove Education Association

Referendum, YES

Monroe Education Association Recommends for School Board:

Nikki Austin
Tim Wolff


New London Education Association Recommends:

Pete Bosquez, New London School Board
Cathay Zaddack, New London School Board


Oak Creek Educators United Recommends:

Sheryl Cerniglia, Oak Creek School Board

Oshkosh Education Association Recommends:

Barb Herzog, Oshkosh Area School Board


Parkview Education Association Recommends:

School Referendum (operational), YES


Racine Educators United Recommends:

Cory Mason, Mayor, City of Racine
Natalia Taft, Alderwoman City of Racine District 13
Mary Land, Alderwoman City of Racine District 11

Sarah Walker Cleaveland, RUSD Board Member District 3

Kelly Gallagher, Mount Pleasant Village Board President President
Kim Mahoney, Mount Pleasant Village Board Trustee Seat #3
Travis Yanke, Mount Pleasant Village Board Trustee Seat#1
Eric Martinez, Mount Pleasant Village Board Trustee Seat #5

Richmond (AUTO) Recommends:

Sara Grunzel, Richmond School Board

River Falls Education Association Recommends:

Stacy Johnson Myers, River Falls School Board

Alison H. Page, River Falls School Board


Salem (SPEAK) Recommends:

Nicole Haas, Salem School Board

Sheboygan City Council recommended by Lakeshore Education Association:

Julie Konik, Sheboygan City Council, District 9

Sheboygan Education Association Recommends:

Heidi Boehmer, Sheboygan School Board
Kay Robbins, Sheboygan School Board
Sarah Ruiz-Harrison, Sheboygan School Board

South Milwaukee Education Association Recommends:

Nathan Jurowski, South Milwaukee School Board
Patrick Hintz, South Milwaukee School Board

Sun Prairie Education Association

Carol Albright, Sun Prairie Area School Board
Lisa Goldsberry, Sun Prairie Area School Board
Katey Kamoku, Sun Prairie Area School Board


Waukesha Education Association Recommends:

Diane Voit, Waukesha School Board

Waupun Area Education Association Recommends:

Stephen Chené, Waupun Area School Board

Waunakee Education Association Recommends for School Board:

Joan Ensign
Dawn Heinrichs

Wauwatosa Education Association Recommends:

Jessica Willis, Wauwatosa School Board (Seat 7)
Lynn Woehrle, Wauwatosa School Board (Seat 6)
Liz Heimerl-Rolland, Wauwatosa School Board (Seat 5)

West Allis-West Milwaukee Education Association Recommends:

Noah Leigh, West Allis-West Milwaukee School Board
Brian  Keller, West Allis-West Milwaukee School Board
Kristen Keyser, West Allis-West Milwaukee School Board

West De Pere Education Association Recommends:

Joe Bergner, West De Pere School Board
Jenni Fuss, West De Pere School Board

Westosha (SPEAK) Recommends:

Bill Watson, Westosha School Board
Jay Nutting, Westosha School Board11.0101 communication with WEAC members


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