Educators recommend candidates who are committed to students, public schools and our shared values. Here are our latest recommendataions for state Assembly and Senate.

Wisconsin Eye has recorded interviews with some of the candidates. To view content, you are required to register for a free basic Wisconsin Eye user account to view the videos.


Tony Evers

Lt. Governor

Sara Rodriguez

Attorney General

Josh Kaul (video)

U.S. Senate

Mandela Barnes

Congressional Districts

1 – Ann Roe (video)

2 – Mark Pocan

3 – Brad Pfaff

4 – Gwen Moore

5 – Mike Van Someren (video)

7 – Dick Ausman (video)


Roberta Thelen (video) AD01
Renee Gasch (video) AD02
Derek Teague (video) AD04
Joey Van Deurzen (video) AD05
William Switalla AD06
Daniel Riemer AD07
Marisabel Cabrera AD09
Sarah Harrison AD13
Robyn Vining AD14
Supreme Moore Omokunde (video) AD17
Evan Goyke AD18
Christine Sinicki AD20
Nate Jurowski (video) AD21
Bob Tatterson AD24
Lisa Salgado AD26
Chet Gerlach (video) AD27
Sarah Yacoub (video) AD30
Brienne Brown (video) AD31
Donald Vruwink AD 33
Eileen Daniel AD34
Ben Murray (video) AD36
Maureen McCarville (video) AD37
Theresa Valencia (video) AD42
Jenna Jacobson AD43
Sue Conley AD44
Clinton Anderson (video) AD45
Jimmy Anderson (video) AD47
Samba Baldeh AD48
Lynne Parrott AD49
Michael Leuth (video) AD50
Leah Spicer (video) AD51
Joe Lavrenz (video) AD52
Lori Palmeri (video) AD54
Stefanie Holt (video) AD55
Patrick Hayden AD56
Lee Snodgrass AD57
Dan Larsen (video) AD60
Anthony Hammes AD62
Tip McGuire AD64
Tod Ohnstad AD65
Greta Neubauer (video) AD66
Lisa Boero AD69
Katrina Shankland AD71
Laura Gapske (video) AD73
Francesca Hong AD76
Sheila Stubbs AD77
Lisa Subeck AD78
Alex Joers AD79
Mike Bare (video) AD80
David Considine AD81
Deborah Davis (video) AD82
Lu Ann Bird (video) AD84
Kristin Conway (video) AD85
Elizabeth Riley AD87
Hannah Beauchamp-Pope (video) AD88
Jane Benson (video) AD89
Kristina Shelton (video) AD90
Jodi Emerson AD91
Alison Page (video) AD93
Steve Doyle AD94
Jill Billings AD95
Jayne Swiggum AD96
Christina Barry (video) AD98
Andrea Gage-Michaels (Story) (video) SD01
Tim Carpenter (video) SD03
Jessica Katzenmeyer SD05
Chris Larson (video) SD07
Steven Doelder (video) SD11
Mark Spreitzer SD15
Pat Skogen (video) SD17
Kristin Alfheim (video) SD19
Kelly Westlund SD25
Dianne Hesselbein SD27
Bob Look (video) SD29
Jeff Smith SD31

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